Waiting long poem

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Eyes are stinging, like the lashes are thorns now
Yawns like the roar of the jungle chief
A half mug of cold black coffee besides me
You have kept me from sleep, my beauty sleep

The lids of my eyes carry a load, they will need a lever now
Tangible silence surrounds me, I can hear myself breathe
Nothing moves, not even the flickering light of the answering machine
Even the fingers of the flame look like a painting

I startle, thinking you have finally come for me
When it’s raindrops pounding on the window
They are insistent like the knock of a thousand soldiers
I’m tired of waiting, sleep shall claim me now

The rays of the morning sun steal me from dreams of you
Dreaming you had come and held my hand
The ridges from the floor rug are etched on my face
I should have just used my comfortable bed

You never came, maybe you never planned to
You should have told me to keep me from hoping
I wasted a night of the many nights of my life
Waiting for a rose that would never bloom

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