Climbing short poem

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Before sinking to knees.
I will talk to flowers.
Day of arrival has come.

In death, wisdom of trees
will eject the seeds
of fire on hip-locked roots.

A miracle will raise the bones
from the rage of crowd.
The king has agreed to depart.

Darkness sings in the
valley of sun.
Tongues are free to weave the moon.

Till the words are ready
to walk on street of sorrow
to remove the blood soaked prints.

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Satish Verma

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Satish Verma is ferociously original. You feel resentment, outrage and violence, cannot pin it down but wonderfully spin your brain. Satish has the greatest sensibility which sweetly exploits the delicacies of human conflicts. You are taken aback. This is magic, profoundly soulful. In a lone, long journey Satish Verma is still discovering himself. Beaten, betrayed, felled, he comes back with fierce velocity. His childhood was traumatized by India’s partition. Terror, violence and death were witnessed which built the morals of poet. Becoming defiantly recluse Satish Verma pursued his value based life on the path of truth. Teaching Botany for 35 years he was writing poetry, privately and solemnly and published twelve collections. Worked silently with social causes. His scions, doctors and engineers are living in USA. He chose to live back in his beloved country and resides in Ajmer (INDIA) with his spouse Kanta running the Charitable Holistic Institute of SEWA MANDIR FOUNDATION. He can also be reached at 5-A ii, Mayoor Colony, Alwar Gate, Ajmer – 305007 INDIA Mobile +91 9829071468
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This is a unique expression of rebirth. Even as flowers will have to wither to give way to fruits, and ultimately seeds, or as in the mythical bird, the Phoenix, which rose from the ashes after being burned, or the pine cone that has to be grazed by fire in order to sprout. A thought-provoking poem.


Climbing Time

Climbing Time short poem

In succeeding years our wisdom is seen for what it is invention and tender folly as we go forward imagining mountains rising ever higher to see what we thought we knew on the trails below illuminated simplified and disproved sweet