Midnight Demon’s Ditty

Midnight Demons Ditty long poem

Uploaded by Emaan

Restless, I rummage, I ruminate, I rile
T’is dark, the world slumbers yet here I lie
Tossing, turning, the shrill clock tick-tocking
Midnight amplifying a roar of whispers inside

Silly, frilly girl, a voice cackles a criminal cry
Breathes a terrible secret, steals a slick smile
Then patiently waits, as I crack, crumble, cave
The air stills, dims. Darker; no more room to hide

A captive, I choke, on a mouthful of morose
As wicked words weave into symphony upheave:
Tick-tock-doom! Unwelcome memories boom!
I shudder, shriek. Silence swallows my screams.

Unforgiving it sings, the misfortunes I bring
Unlucky, little girl with dreams in your eyes
Oh poor, moor child, is that hope you find?
It taunts, derides – tears melt castles in skies

And as my Rome burns, she plays her fiddle
Still I can’t unriddle, the truths used as kindle
For warped are they, and wielded to wound
To spear sewn scars, with each lie crooned

And though tomorrow’s light, will quell, dispel
The cacophony of fears, failures, and farewells
In this inky night, I cannot remember nor find
For in darkness I lie: deaf, dumb, and blind

Dawn now approaches, my tears long dried
Sleep’s lullaby beckons, drowning her snide
The fires fade to embers, but it is no end
For this voice is no friend. This voice is mine.

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