So Many Things I Wanna Say

So Many Things I Wanna Say long poem

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Crying my sorrows away in that dark lane where my memories bleed till this day,
So many dreams I had, but these sleepless nights are crushing me everyday,
All the time I think, would you remember me if I am gone,
Would you scream my name if my soul left this town,
So many words I wanna say, but they will not explain this pain…..

My body crushed, my soul crumbled into pieces,
but my smile never left my face,
People saw the facade I put, my deception ruled me for so long,
Standing here among so many, clutching these memories closer to my heart,
Do you see my tears, do you hear the screams behind my smile?

Dark forces are getting stronger, my body can’t take it any longer,
So many screams muffled by my pillow, words don’t come out when I want to speak,
All alone in this dark valley, pain engulfing me slowly,
Death seems to be the only way, but what if that’s not the answer?

Love seems to be a long gone fairy tale, my pain seems to be my real world now,
With heavy heart and muffled cries, my days have been a tragedy all along,
I can’t find anything to hold on,
My happiness and joys have left me here all alone,
Sadness and darkness seems to be those friends who keep taunting me everyday…

Sitting under the dark skies, thoughts of ending it all fill my mind,
But hanging on is what I want to do,
so many words I wanna say to you, but these words have betrayed me all along….

My eyes beg everyone in my way to feel my pain, my smile scream at everyone to hear me out,
Fighting this battle is wearing me out,
I keep on looking for a light but my mind is engulfed in darkness,
I keep trying to hang on but my strength is giving out,
Hold on, Hold on, someone says in the back of my mind,
But I have been left here all alone with so much pain to endure,
So many things I want to share,
but these words won’t explain the pain I go through everyday……

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Prabh Kaur

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I am here to post my feelings which I could only do through these words, it doesn't matter if it makes sense to anyone, I am no poet, it just easy this way.....
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