Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer long poem

Uploaded by Mrudula Rani

My imagination sets sails on lotus leaves and paper boats:
for I never meant to travel far.
But to picture The little Mermaid’s adventures along the foamy
edge of ocean’s floor!

My imagination builds nests high up in tall trees,
With sticks, and twigs;
Materials ordinary and free!
Just to be close to the singing birds and the whispering winds

My imagination constructs castles in the clouds;
With the morphing mist,
To four corners of the world it drifts.
Trips to the seven wonders on a thrifty ticket!

My imagination places palaces on mountain tops in fairytale grandeur
Surrounded by celestial view, and solitude,
To grasp the angles and the heavens!

My imagination builds doll houses on Carpets of magic weave;
To carry me to the land of make believe!
As innocent as child’s world, plots no evil!

Mansions of magnificence my imagination builds
With no mortgage bills!

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