Seeing In Future

Imagine, if we get a chance to see in future of million year ahead
World will look completely different and
It would be difficult to find from today’s world to attach any thread

We will have new civilization growing with betterment of science
We would be on the extremity of technology and
We would be in race of making our-self powerful by defeating other alliance

We would have our planet like what we call today is as fairytale
Our every vehicle would fly through air and
We would be hanging out alone across empty space with cocktail

We would have met and communicated with many alien civilization
Maybe many of them would be slave to us
Which would be in existence just to fulfil the accomplishment of our action

We would try to challenge the working and even existence of nature
But then would we be able to enjoy the life as we do now
Do forgetting the meaning of life and achieving these, the only thing we had wanted from ever

No matter how much we would progress on advancement of technology
No matter how much powerful we would be
We will be needed to learn to live together by maintaining balance between every ecology

We would be needed to be happy and to understand the meaning of life
Otherwise no matter how much strong and efficient we would be
Our every action will destroy us slowly and painfully like piercing us continuously by tiny knife.

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Aditya Kumar

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I am an undergraduate student pursuing B. Tech. I love coding, playing table tennis and writing poems. I am a dreamer and wish to cover up all the feelings and write it down, no matter others will like it or not. I want to do it for myself.
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