The Truth

The Truth short poem

Photo by Iain Farrell

Truth is the most bitter word
which people can’t recognise in this real world.

Truth is we just say society is cruel
but we forgot we are the one who make it brutal

truth is we just say nobody help in this world
but we forgot we are that damn nobody for somebody

truth is we want that our womens must be safe
but we ignore the ones who lies at empty place

Truth is we dont want to be judged
but we are the one who judge

Truth is we know trees are essential for living
but first priority is wifi intalling.

truth is we just celebrate clean india on 2 oct
but forget to do it 364 other days
and easily say..India is a shit..

Truth is there is 1.3 billion human approximately
but humanity ….i found it rarely.

truth is we just say
truth is we forget after saying
truth is we start compromising after forgeting
truth is we start blaming during compromising
truth is we dont Act..

so truth is bitter as i already said
sometimes these truth make me mad….

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