A Sad Dream

A Sad Dream short poem

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My love I’m in a dreadful dream
Drifting in an empty lie.
Quickly loosing time
As the seasons fly by

I continue to tell my self that there is nothing wrong. As if the world never rained. I dream the same dream. A perfect world where we are both meant to be.

Baby your like a giant cloud,
You come and go,
Block my sunlight
and you share your rain with others.

You block my light allowing me to see what you want me see. Letting me know what you want me to know.

I give you all my water so that you can grow
Yet you give me salted water.

My love I’m exhausted
agonising and fighting a war that never ends. Not to mention all the pieces I’ve lost in my previous wars. Still healing from a deep wound.
A wound that my heart has taken all alone.

My love I’m in a dreadful dream. Iiving a lie for a life. Being the only one who can’t lie a life. Or live a lie without knowing it’s a lie.
Because I know. Oh i know.

Maybe….. just maybe. It is worth swimming oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a bridge for you…. maybe

Just……. maybe.

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