Glitters of glass

Glitters of glass short poem

My life is like broken glass in my hands
What was once a beautiful ornament, now is shattered pieces of glass
The terror that came in the night
Has become the terror of the day

It’s like I’m in a desert of mess both
caused by self and involuntary occurrences
Like poison in the water
The pain has crept into the crevices of my soul

They block the light that tried to break through
Their shadows reminded me of the shame and sorrow
Still they tell me things like I have a normal life
You know just do, just try
But to be honest, this little boy is scared

Take my hand
Your hand…
My hand scarred

It’s hard to believe when you face death in the eyes
When you face sorrow in the night

Let the sorrow sweep you away says the pain
It’s a good friend, and a solid place
Till you are comfortable enough
Till it chokes you to death

But what happens when there is no light?

I use these broken pieces of glass
And throw them in the air, using the broken pieces to shine the light I need

All I could see was broken glass in my hands

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Hey! I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I am on other Social Media such as Facebook and YOUtube: Rowyn Coetzee and Twitter and Instagram: rocoetzee.
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Editorial Board

“Glitters of Glass is a fine example of the fact that hope lives no matter how unbearable the pain is and how dark may be the night of the suffering soul. It truly depicts the miasma separating our emotional states. The life as Glass may be broken but it still reflects the rays of never ending hope.”


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