Money For Nothing

Money For Nothing long poem

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Money for nothing, oh yes, please
Give me lots of money and please don’t tease
Can’t wait for my numbers to be drawn to decide my fate
I’m sure a lot of you can relate
I will spend it recklessly until nothing is left
Bet it all on a three horse nag
Go shopping and buy the most expensive of bags
Buy a big 75inch TV with Netflix and Internet ready, so I can social media whilst flicking channels and ordering pizza
I would buy the latest iPhone, iPad too maybe even buy the children their own zoo.
I would purchase the most expensive labels for my head, coat and shoes
Maybe even purchase a company or two
I would buy land to build a home
Furnish the garden with garden gnomes
I would buy a star or two and name them Oskar and Ted
Buy my grandchildren all brand new beds
I would buy us all bikes so we could cycle for miles
Splash out on holidays that make us all smile.
I would give some money back to my City, spend some on street lighting at night its lit dimly.
I would give to my family so they can freely live
I would give to charity to help others children, babies and their mothers, brain tumors, cancer, lung disease and others too.
Oh, how I wish for this dream to come true.
I know it’s a famous Dire Straits song, it is also a line from Crime and Punishment that I’m reading at the moment and felt inspired when reading it to put pen to paper. Strange how three words can inspire a whole poem.
Just a little fun poem – How would you spend yours?

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Jackie Mead

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I am 56 years old, new to poetry, I've had a tough twelve months and poetry has become my outlet. I recently wrote a children's book (in verse) and had it published, so I am a new author. I am experimenting and learning about poetry, I like reading lots of diverse poems and exist on several platforms. I have my own FB poetry page.
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