Dear North Star

Dear North Star long poem

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Dear pole star, I dedicate this to you,
Because in my mind lies a question, why do you not twinkle like other stars do?
Do you like to be there in the sky all alone?
Do you want to rest, after the way to weary travellers you have shown?
Do you observe what the humans do?
Do you feel bad because there aren’t many like you?
Do you feel yourself to be a lesser star?
Do you not twinkle to indicate how cross you are?

With people who are just the same, but divided by the holy place they pray?
Do you not twinkle because you are the witness to troubles of every day?
When you know that some choose a church while other’s a shrine,
But the Divine remains the Divine.
When you watch from there, up in the sky,
You may have wondered why,
Why, humans quarrel over a little less or more melanin?
In each other’s skin,
You might be cross about how indifferent people are?
Do you not twinkle because you feel yourself to be a lesser star?

Dear north star, do you observe too,
That unknown to truth of life there seem to be a few,
Yet, unlike the symphony of mountains and rivers,
They discriminate that one who differs,
Running after money, humans have build towers,
You know the eternal truth that all would occupy the same space once they become stars,
Do you not twinkle because you consider yourself a lesser star?
Even though you know differences take one far?

Dear north star do you not twinkle because you want to show,
That even if a star doesn’t glow,
There’s a chance God gives to stay up there, with ones who twinkle?
Just a bit of your magic to sprinkle.
There’s a place for those who are not like the rest,
For those in whom lies a desire to explore with great zest,
Because there’s oneness, there’s humanity still existing on Earth,
Lingering long enough not to create a dearth.

Some rivers have water shades bluer,
But did God convey that any of them was a wrongdoer?
Some mountains are green others are brown,
But did God give any one of them a crown?
Some stones are gold, emerald and silver,
But God never said that they were even shades better,
Than pebbles, because without pebbles we would never have known the value of gold,
Even our existence is a story that no one has told,
There’s uniqueness in the world for people to recognise,
It’s time to realise,
O’ north star,
You’re perfect as you are.

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Tanvi Nagar

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Tanvi Nagar, a thirteen year old, is a student of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, India. She is passionate about writing, besides playing badminton, swimming, painting and public speaking. She has written the books 'A Treasure Trove of Poetic Wonderland', 'A Bountiful of Rhythmic Stories' and 'My Book of Short Stories and Poems'. She is a state level badminton player and writes her blog at
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Beautiful poem. Keep up the hard work.


Nice poem


Nice poem


Nice poem.


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