Twinkling Truth

They say husbands are supposed to be strong
I think many have it wrong.
Husbands have feelings and emotions too
But many wives don’t have a clue.
Give him a chance to express himself
You just might understand how he felt.
He’s allowed to cry, he’s allowed to be sombre
Just to let his thoughts wander.
Every husband is unique
Mine knows I’m his best and worst critique.
A husband and wife are a formidable team
Both of them reigning supreme.
Neither should try to bring down the other
Also no harsh words should they utter.
Man can not survive by bread alone
Both should contribute to their humble abode.
A husband’s role is not only to provide
But also be the family’s guide.
For you too husband, you were once a child
Young, carefree and full of smiles.
Dear husband, yes you can cry
Always remember you have a wife.
She will always be by your side
Even if you can not provide.
Wives take care of your precious husband
And he in turn will never be reluctant.
A husband and wife are a perfect team
Please don’t let anything come in between.

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