Exploration Of A Butterfly

Little yellow wings creature,
bright just like sun shine of nature,
come out of its safest zone,
to see the world on its own.

Amazed to see tall buildings,
glass flowers and iron trees blinking,
then It seems hungry at all,
and look for food in cemetery walls.

Exploration of living makes him depressed,
In this Morden world it found nothing to have,
abruptly a miracle happened to him,
a drop of life fall upon him.

It flew high to get that marvel,
and don’t give up as it was tired,
an old lady, wearing yellow sari same as it’s,
and both look at each other with such a bliss.

She is watering plants of its living,
and seems like a God of giving,
Butterfly devoted life to its Mother,
and live it’s life happily ever

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aanchal gautam

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I am an Indian girl with lots of emotions that I want to describe with my poems.
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Raja Sharma
Raja Sharma

You have written poetry very well. I hope that you will write even better poems.


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