Tale Of The Shower Drops

Tale Of The Shower Drops short poem

Photo by Bruno_Caimi

Drop by drop they follow to shower,
Sometimes heavy and sometimes slower.
From the high to the low,
Feeling the earth and to flow.

Sounding in a delightful drizzle,
Healing the land dry to mizzle.
Little children way to home,
Hopping skipping over the pour.

Evil sun in a woeful meek,
Stares and flares at the falling sink.
Kids in their way to sail,
Paper boats with a fancy tale.

Some pent with bounded toes,
Enjoy it behind the windows.
Dribbling from the immense heaven,
And to peace in a soulful even.

With a while in a glittering sight,
Seems to glow in the sunlight.
Some are seen to peep out off pane,
With a brimming heartful of scathe.

Eyes over the lines of the text,
But the mind slips over a rainy rest.
Lovers bask their delight together,
While wisted are with a writing feather.

Drop by drop uphold the day,
Soothing the hearts with a tale of a fay.

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Mazhar MIK

Wow. Loved the poem.


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