I Still Believe In Zimbabwe

I Still Believe In Zimbabwe long poem

Uploaded by Monica Rupazo

Zimbabwean by birth,
Zimbabwean by color,
Zimbabwean by beliefs,
Zimbabwean by culture,
Bred a Zimbabwean,
I love Zimbabwe! I love peace! I love unity!
Ishe Chibvunza

If Zimbabwe could recall that eventful day in 1980 at Lancaster House,
I bet Zimbabwe can think of executive joy shared by most.
That day Zimbabwe was born and elated from sucking the fluid, there was hope in Zimbabwe!
The day Zimbabwe vowed to tolerate potential leaders, meticulous to overcome the great terrors of Chimoio,
Walking the long journeys of the shade-less Zambezi-to-Limpopo raining wax,
That day Zimbabwe served rightful for liberation,
Capable of amending frustrated souls and weathered bones sentiment in the Mutapa.
If Zimbabwe could recall the life taking and blood shedding decisions made by our fore fathers to protect and redeem our identity on earth.
Monica Rupazo

I first paid attention to the radio,
When I bought a new stereo,
Listening to nhau on radio
Zimbabwe was the first scenario,
After the news bulletin,
The DJ entered the studio,
And on air he played an audio,
Incessant sweet singing voices sounded in my ears,
A group of men sang and I wished I could watch their video,
In modulated voices they sang;
“Let’s preach unity,
The gospel of peace,
…of humorous,
…of tranquility,
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”
Ishe Chibvunza

Yet today, after 37 years of trying to create the future our fore fathers died for,
Our ethics are crushing,
The youth are in a trance, it’s a blame game.
Our country is filled with corrupt leaders,
They filled the country with barbarity, pain, brutality and fear.
They are always the headline on news channels and printing press.
They are seen ruthlessly driving the swankiest of cars,
But, they forgot those poor children fast asleep on the shivering streets.
They forgot those graduates who are roaming the streets unemployed.
Their blood cries out for justice.
Their blood cries out for vengeance.
They are tired of a life of suffering.
When despair grows in them and wake in the night at the least sound in fear.
They thought of what their life and children’s lives will be.
Their minds are full of reminiscent of a prosperous Zimbabwe.
They are in need of change,
For the love of their beautiful Zimbabwe
One family united as Zimbabweans we can set things right.
Florence Chikumba

There is more power in unity than in division,
In unity we stand but in division we fall,
United we can make a better Zimbabwe,
But separated we’ll create a breeding ground for a cycle of hate and war.
Zimbabwe let us be united,
Let’s move together with a unified Zimbabwe!
Ishe Chibvunza

For Zimbabwe can be that winning bread basket of Africa again.
Zimbabwe can be that inspiring big brother to former Rhodesian neighbours again.
Zimbabwe can be that prosperous farmer providing wealth to its people
Zimbabwe can be that happy and rich tea pot of harmonized citizens who share time in actual reunions and not through emojis
Zimbabwe can be that source of diplomatic entrepreneurs and employed graduates
Zimbabwe can be that land of Investment, both foreign and domestic.
Zimbabwe can be that home to return to, for every diaspora, overseas and student migrant
Zimbabwe can be a place to stay, not a place to evade
With legitimate leaders who have people at heart and who serve the people not themselves,
And a local currency that does not cower inflation but promotes high living standards and an investable economy.
Zimbabwe can be that again!
Yes, Zimbabwe can be that again! Monica Rupazo

Zimbabwe, let’s ‘be united as one,’
For we are only as strong as we are united, and as weak as we are divided,
Politicians in your rallies, spread the word of unity;
Churches in your gatherings, preach the gospel of unity;
Teachers in your classes, let students understand the meaning of unity;
Social leaders in all your social meetings, teach the youth the importance of unity;
Parents, let your families live in love and unity;
In unity we progress and in division we regress,
Where there is unity, there is success.
Individually we are a drop but together we are an ocean,
Let’s respect, trust and care for each other,
And above all put on love which is the perfect bond of unity.
Ishe Chibvunza

As I say, I still believe Zimbabwe is capable of supporting the world,
The bread basket to feed five thousands
I still believe Zimbabwe will lead its currency to amazing life standards,
A rate unbeatable by the beaten
I do believe God blessed Zimbabwe,
So shall we shade away tears and fears of the past,
And strive to achieve the dreams of our fathers in hot and cold sweats.
The journey begun a long time ago
If Zimbabwe keeps on moving in this great faith and fear of the Lord,
I still believe the Light will shun away nightmares,
And the dry bones will recollect.
Zimbabwe will not only stand but assent,
I do believe. Monica Rupazo

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