Beautiful Nature

Beautiful Nature long poem

Photo by Brighton Guy

The sun rises high up in the sky
Come out of bed don’t be lazy don’t be shy
Welcome dear morning make it a wonderful day
Always be happy always be gay!!

Oh the dewdrops on the leaves
tiny pearls they are to me
Colourful flowers everywhere in sight
cheerfully praising the lord for making them so bright
The chirping birds the cool breeze
I wish I could let the time freeze

The smell of rain falling on thirsty ground
like a new shelter they have found
The parched earth quench their pain in relief
Rich and poor forget their grief
Birds and bees dance and sing with delight
I like the small puddles
for paper boats to sail and race
After the rain stops I get from mom
a hot shower, warm milk and cosy little cuddles

The grass in the field was brown with sorrow
But now its green and grows taller and darker
like there is no tomorrow
The farmer growing crops waits for this moment
when his land will bear fruit of patience
and to live in the countryside he has no repentance

The sunset brings its glory and warmth
dark yellow orange black and blues
Shades coming from God’s pallete of hues
The wandering birds come back home
in the trees retiring for the day
With their loved ones they will now stay

As night falls everything goes dark
dogs and wolves begin to bark
Owls stay awake and so do rats and bats
others go to sleep in their snug and homey beds
The stars appear and so does the moon
giving light to darkness
Recharge your energy let the sun rise
make yourself a lovely day
Always be happy always be gay!!

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