A Companion

A Companion short poem

To an old companion whose existence never fail
Whose wisdom never assumed to veil
How does thy death entertain thee ?!!
As a comfort provider as me !!
For I shall not be of use for breath and rest
And breast is to ever ache; hence, in pain and jest
Woes’ me, for the sorrow I maintain,
The loss of a true soul, as to thou debt; I shall remain.
Bury thee beneath the unforgiving earth,
Bury I within the sheets of denial and agony,
Accompany thee through displaced hearth,
And be the sole companion of a wicked monogamy.
Dwell with thou painful choice of departure,
And tutor I; upon thy leave .. for as an amateur
I …. To become an orphan of a friend
Examine living from where we are; To descend .

To an old companion, whom I failed to keep,
Who deceived I .. fell into an eternal sleep.
From which, I dare not to wake and preserve.
“unjust living it is; if one shall fail to conserve,
The friend, the father, the brother or a wife”
“what shall become of such dark notion and a silent knife”

For behold the trifles of life, come to share this sorrow
And witness I; thrive in pain,
And haste a leave from tomorrow.


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