As To Why

As I write as I type as I wonder as to why
I think about the thoughts that are passing by
Like clouds above the winds has moved
Blowing strong and growing cold as fall is almost through
A gusty place to be outside letting it sink in
Who, where and how are you is all that has crept in
To think to type to write a uncontrollably from the inside
Are you there as I am wondering as to why?
As I write as I type as you are somewhere
The different strokes of messages tender and shows care
Dedicating seconds to minutes that tick by
Answering internal questions of the mounting madness as to why
Who, where and how are you is this minds endless
Swept beneath a surface of disbelieving purpose
A churning of mind to stomach sickening
Who, where and how are you somewhere without knowing me
Truly the madly that is deeply setting in
A manner of living that may be better spent
Observing through the writings that are continuous
Are you aware of the care that is there?
In the matter of time that is taken to share
Are you the type to write and wonder why?
My type the type as I write time flies
Flooding words flowing into song
Is this wrong it seems to be so
Asking to receive that yes or no
Only from me though only from I
As I type as I write and I wonder as to why

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Profile photo of Kristina Anne-Paula Whitmore
I am a single twenty-seven year old that finally is finding a route towards insightful and healthy expression. I have always loved nature and animals as well as observing the beauty of the stars at night. Some things that I love are singing and expressing my personality. I am just a woman who has always enjoyed being imaginative with literature. Which is why I love writing and dream to graduate from college one day. What inspires me are instant moments in nature that spark imagery within my mind. I have just recently begun trusting to open up in a written form about my past after much inward reflection and outward neglection. It has taken time to care enough about my own thought processes and writing feelings down again. I am thankful I am finding a wonderful way of reminding myself that I am capable of artistic value even though I have had confidence issues. Thanks for taking the time to read about me.
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