Existence long poem

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When something exists, the opposite does too
Black and white, hot and cold, old and new
Love and hate, heaven and hell, left and right
North and South, peace and war, day and night

To give, to fix, to begin, and to unite
To take, to break, to end, and to divide
Love, courage, laughter, and creation
Hate, fear, cries, and destruction

Somebody exists according to its presence
Nobody does not according to its absence
Yet if something exists, the opposite does too
That means nobody exists, how can this be true

Is the world a place that does not exist
A piece of information that all of us missed
Are all of our lives just a big hallucination
If the question exists, then so does the explanation

We know this world is visible, tangible, and audible
So what about invisible, intangible, inaudible
Just because most of us cannot see, feel, or hear
Does not mean its proof that another world is not here

A place of peace, available, and hidden in plain sight
To get there, we all have our own battles to fight
Whichever road you take, you will find your way
And maybe you will, just like me, find this place someday

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