A Generation Is For Telling

A Generation Is For Telling short poem

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A symbolic undertaking, A torch that has been passed
Divinity materialized in your eyes not for buying or selling
This life you have granted me flows so fast
Stories shared through the years, A generation is for telling

Grace in every breath you take
The fairy above my shoulder to heal me every time I break
Fire breathing dragon, a serpent, the snake
These are challenges to overcome, to beat for God’s sake

Impossible to proceed alone from there – you are stunning and glowing
How could it hurt? Being exposed to so much love all at one time
My soul encompasses pieces of you, it’s appreciated, it’s showing
Your influence has lifted me higher than I ever thought to climb

Feeling your mind, body, and spirit as whole
Precious product of faith like springtime breezes gusting and cool
My secret weapon used not for destruction but as a tool
My angel is woven into this invisible soul

True intuition only my mother could possess
Voice in my head identified as none other
It suspensefully spoke in your tone as I attempt to express
How much I care and How much I love you … my mother

With my deepest love and respect

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