Capsule long poem

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Tight spaced enclosure
Swelling of my own inner expense
A feeling as if it is over it is over
What else is there to give?
Living as though incapuslated
Fearful of the future for that has gone cold
Never thought of usefulness until my day of old
Memories and recollection of a deep
Meaning of expression and pure being
Wrapped inside consumed by my mind
Outlet I find you my outlet I chose to write
Sanctuary for temporary relief to a proper state
Mindset and value a capsule never can replace
Balance improperly diagnosing the levels measuring up
Downward a spiral of nothing works ship has sunk
Try again another new instead of believing the strength he bestowed upon you
Faithfully finding and guided me back
To a place where my capsule may be a healthy outlet
I repeat what this is to me
A special way I am comfortable to outwardly release
Trauma pain and loss of what once was
My confidence and security of safety from them
Those whom are more large than I
More than just by size by ever building lies
This place they have boxed the design into lines
A captured beauty essence that has gone frail to wither and die
I try to water mine every morning
In the belljar where my heart is kept in my chest saved from all the rest
Protected shell aware and walled up existence a hell when bottled up
Tending to the watery grave at the center of that spot
A dark place a hole never fills or goes
No matter how much I attempt to hide this truth
My heart capsule has more missing less to lose
Which is why I try to tend and to care
For myself for me I chose this method to share

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Profile photo of Kristina Anne-Paula Whitmore
I am a single twenty-seven year old that finally is finding a route towards insightful and healthy expression. I have always loved nature and animals as well as observing the beauty of the stars at night. Some things that I love are singing and expressing my personality. I am just a woman who has always enjoyed being imaginative with literature. Which is why I love writing and dream to graduate from college one day. What inspires me are instant moments in nature that spark imagery within my mind. I have just recently begun trusting to open up in a written form about my past after much inward reflection and outward neglection. It has taken time to care enough about my own thought processes and writing feelings down again. I am thankful I am finding a wonderful way of reminding myself that I am capable of artistic value even though I have had confidence issues. Thanks for taking the time to read about me.
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