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Do you show that you do care?
Are you really loving me from there?
Looking down as I am below
How long from now until I know love?
The kind that is real the kind that is true
Not just seen in movies or heard in musical tunes
A endeavor and journey of the spirits intertwined
That magical feeling of a soulmate for life
Once was written cherished now hard to find
An honest man for an honest woman to make a wife
Young yet old in feeling alone
Stuck in a place difficult to outgrow
The insecure feelings of taking a leap to trust
A blind faith of pain endured enough
Trials and errors many mistakes
Striving for the opposite of what all the others ever gave
Left though hollow incapable of the risks
To be taken advantage of again
Bent broken hit and missed
Scarred within not without
Still praying for hope in thought and vocalizing out of my mouth
Struggling to dream my most true desire
To form a passionate love of flames that sends us ever higher
Into the cloud shaped heavens with oceanic mirrors
Lifted endlessly into the abyss an eternal gift
Showing no fear shedding never another tear
A clearing toward the gateway of a key to heart
Destiny guiding the light of no error and no fault
Where, Who, When? I ask
Though my love life is what I call a tormented past

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I am a single twenty-seven year old that finally is finding a route towards insightful and healthy expression. I have always loved nature and animals as well as observing the beauty of the stars at night. Some things that I love are singing and expressing my personality. I am just a woman who has always enjoyed being imaginative with literature. Which is why I love writing and dream to graduate from college one day. What inspires me are instant moments in nature that spark imagery within my mind. I have just recently begun trusting to open up in a written form about my past after much inward reflection and outward neglection. It has taken time to care enough about my own thought processes and writing feelings down again. I am thankful I am finding a wonderful way of reminding myself that I am capable of artistic value even though I have had confidence issues. Thanks for taking the time to read about me.
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