The Prince, The King And The Master

The Prince, The King And The Master long poem

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The shrine of Madonna stood tall,
The high king’s rapier fell down,
not anymore was he the young prince,
for he was devoid of all feelings.

The shrine of Madonna stood strong,
The high king’s blood washed the ivory pedestal,
quenching the prince’s sense of revenge.
Neither guilt nor pity upheld him,
when he turned his back on mother nature.

In the shrine that had housed people’s fears,
life faded out of the king’s dark pupils.
the same eyes that had once held the lust for power,
the same eyes that were cold enough to stab his son’s lover.

The walls of the shrine had heard prayers,
but never had it witnessed so many getting fulfilled; all at once.
Now the king was dead in the hands of his own successor,
the Crystal Garden breathed alive once again.

Once a prince and now the High King;
but always the Master of Ether,
will once and forever fall in love again.
The Ice and the Wind will be home.

Poet’s Note: A young prince finds out that his father/the king murdered his lover. He avenges his lover’s death by killing his own father in cold blood in the holy shrine of Virgin Mary.

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Fate whispers to the warrior "you cannot withstand the storm" the warrior whispered back " I am the storm"
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