In Silence

It’s here,
and then it’s not.
That untimely moment that we fear
our minds have just ‘forgot’

who we are,
and why we’re here.
Why did we never reach that bar?
We’re no longer our own puppateer.

In the past we’ve held on tight,
to thoughts that we would rule these nights.
Now it seems so far away,
those dreams are from a distant day.

Did our potential slip away?
We feel like sand through open fingers.
You were the protege,
and now this feeling lingers.

Have we done enough?
A definition of underachiever,
giving up was never tough.
Now who’ll be our believer?

We shake this flickering realisation,
go back to here and now.
Careful not to leave the outside in stagnation,
we carry on, ‘anyhow..’

To them we’ve just lost track,
recalibrated our conversation.
We know these moments are our plaque,
decaying every meditation.

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