Two Kingdoms

Two Kingdoms short poem

I am precious to both kingdoms, both dark and light.
I carry power and potential to grow both kingdoms, so both sides are fighting for me.

The one king offers:
Temporary satisfaction and happiness, but neglects me when I am sad.
He gives me vessels to love, but that love is hurtful.
He satisfies me with music that has no life in its lyrics and makes me wonder if I am truly living my life.
He teaches me beautiful secrets that bring death and sorrow.

When the other King offers:
Joy and new mercies every morning.
Love that protects and heals open wounds.
Music that speaks life and breaks unseen shackles which the naked eye cannot see.
Teaches me how to live this life with purpose and gives a guide that leads the way and lights up my walk on the road I walk on.

Maybe I speak for all, there are two kingdoms you cannot see who fights for you.
We all serve in a certain kingdom, question is…

Who do you serve?

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Hey! I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I am on other Social Media such as Facebook and YOUtube: Rowyn Coetzee and Twitter and Instagram: rocoetzee.
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