A Guardian In Your Eyes, A Thug In Their Eyes

My innocent little sister
In your eyes
You see me as a guardian
Shining bright with a halo over my head
Wings as pure as jade
A mountain that doesn’t move
Even when the earth shakes
When the thunder strikes
I always stand tall in your eyes.

In their eyes
They see me as a thug
They don’t see me for who I am now
They only hear and repeat
Not knowing
Only spreading
They are who they are
I am who I am
In their eyes, I’m a thug
In my eyes, I’m a broken person

I will always play the guardian
Maybe when you’re older
You will not look at me the same
When that time comes
I will still be that mountain you always saw
Unmovable and unshakable
I will be that guardian you always saw
The one to stand beside you
The teacher to pave the way for you
The brother that will do better for you
The guardian to use his body as a shield
To protect what little joy he has found

For I am the guardian in your eyes
But a thug in their eyes
I will accept both roles
I will play both
Because only you
Can see the good in me
Everyone else can see the bad in me
I will embrace their hate
I will absorb the pain you will feel
I will be the guardian you always saw me as
Standing strong like a million-year-old statue
Never crumbling like a immortals palace
The shield for you to live happy
While I deal with the future hate
people will direct at you

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18 years old been through a lot of tough times in life. Lost my innocence since young, Lost my future wife, Lost my bright future. Merely writing everything as a way to vent and be a voice for those who haven't found their voice yet. I didn't have a guiding voice when i went through my dark times and don't want someone else to be in the same situation. -LTHTS
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