Wait For The Call

Wait For The Call short poem

Don’t let you heart become a paper boat sailing
Towards childhood,
Towards the harbour of its never returning fragrances.
Don’t float towards its crescent moons if you could,
Or the enchanting crooning of its past tenses.

Don’t become an interpreter of the stories of its wispy clouds,
Or a dancer in the anarchy of its Sunday clatters,
Don’t become a windmill in its watercolor playgrounds,
Or a flower on the vests of its mad hatters.

Don’t become a violin wounding itself on rhymes,
Or a knight in the country of its board games,
Don’t drink the mythology of its starry bed times,
Or eat the sugar of its delicatessen remains.

Don’t go plunging towards the anchorless tides of its laughters,
Or towards the chandeliers of its shapeless wonder,
Don’t lose yourself in the crystal ball of its glorious hereafters.
Or its merry go rounds of gleeful surrender.

So when destiny calls, you will be here, waiting to answer.
Gather all your childhoods like the notes of a great song.
That which makes you tender, also makes you purer.
That which makes you tender, also makes you strong.

So when destiny calls, you will be here, like an invisible swan,
So when destiny calls, you will be here, waiting be reborn.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book “Twenty Poems of Light and Longing: Rabbit HOLE calling

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Jay Krishnan

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Always wide eyed with wonder, prone to reveries and restless with an inexplicable yearning to create ever since he was a little boy, Jay wrote his first poem when he was six. He discovered the ore of his creative endeavors in the writings of his sister from which everything else originated, in attics filled with vanilla smelling old books, in savoring the classics and in intricate poems of Wordsworth and William Blake inlaid with rhyme…. His poems have snuck under editorial radars and appeared in global anthologies, magazines, newspapers and online journals. He also runs an idea shop called the Centre of Gravity, draws cartoons, directs animated short films and conceptualizes communication campaigns. All of which originate from the same artery of poetic longing that destiny charmed into his soul.
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Merton Lee

Thanks for sharing this poem, but it appears that the Editors may have accidentally erroneously use the word “it’s ” as “its”. It’s refers to ” it is” while its refers to the possessive form (an attributive adjective. How do we inform the Editors on this matter as I observe that the Editors have inadvertently made this grammar slip.

Editorial Board


We sincerely thank you for pointing out the error of changing its to it’s and are looking into the matter to correct the same. We value our association with members such as you who help us in maintaining the high quality of our site and shall take all steps to ensure such slip ups can be avoided in the future.

Editorial Board can be easily reached at this id / or through the contact us form.


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