Our World

Our World ballad

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God made the world for you and me
Let us go travel discover and see
Beautiful Oceans,Rivers, and Lakes
Deserts, Jungles and Valleys of green
Animals of a variety you have never seen
Flowers will dance in a fairy way
Birds spread their wings colour the air

You will find the Earths treasure
In the tiniest creation
The Worlds mystery of endurance and navigation
Takes you places of different nations
Looking out of your traveling window
Trees run faster than witches on brooms
Children wave with smiles as big as the moon
Through tunnels over bridges fields of crops
Oh how wonderful to travel
You will never want to stop

Funny caps with feathers and beads tops
In every city costumes, you got a smiling snapshot
You got a taste of cuisine you will never forget
You will love every living creature you met
Miles and miles of travel and all your eyes have seen
Rivers and Mountains and Valleys of green
Still many places you have yet not been
Gods creation is infinite and mesmerizing
The World GOD filled with wonder tender and loving
God made the world for you and me

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Domic Sands

In telling the meaning of God is good for the beginner in life to acknowledge the written words of the poets expression .


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