Over The Wire 1968

Over The Wire 1968 long poem

Uploaded by Randall Smith

There is no moon.
The quite surrounds us.
The sound of a footstep
Floats across the wire.

We hear noises when dark.
Nothing to fear, need to relax.
Frank want’s to know,
Did I hear a noise?

Knock it off Frank,
TET is their New Year.
I did my 4 on and
Now it’s my turn to sleep.

The quite is broken,
The sky is lit up.
Tracers light the sky,
Flares float slowly down.

The sound of Claymore mines
The bloop of the mortars
The wire is lit up,
The M-60’s are hot.

They are at the first wire,
Bodies climbing over.
Frank, hit the claymores, I yelled.
But Frank’s no longer with us.

My first fire fight
My pant legs are wet.
I grab Frank’s 14
And burn through a mag.

It is 80 degrees, 11 at night,
It is so cold in the bunker.
The barrel of my weapon is keeping me warm.
I hope no one sees that I am afraid.

Then comes a sound
I have come to love.
A cobra come in
With it’s mini-guns blazing.

It’s morning and the sun is rising.
The field in front is covered with bodies.
The choppers are coming to take our
Dead and wounded away. Goodbye Frank.

I had been there two weeks so
I really did not know him.
But he still talks to me many nights.
I don’t know what to say to him.

He was the first to go,
The others I never knew.
I listened to my dad
And never made a friend.

Except when I got wounded
I never shed a tear.
I went to the Wall,
And cried like a baby.

Many of my school mates are there,
We are of that generation.
But I feel like I know
Every single person listed there.

Now many things bring tears to my eyes.
The National Anthem, Taps, God Bless the USA.
When I see a flag draped coffin,
Bringing a lost body home from the Nam.

I lay in bed at night and what do I see?
One hundred yards away, two rows of fence.
The first row is just barbed wire, then ribbon wire.
I can hear the hollering as they come across the wire.

I know it has been 50 years ago,
But it seems like yesterday.
Ask when I was last there,
I will tell you, Last Night.

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Randall Smith

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Not from anywhere but from everywhere Germany, Korea, Viet Nam, USA, Army Veteran, Germany 1966-1968, Viet Nam 1968-1969. Two kids and bunch of grandkids. Enjoy my Roses, fishing and card playing. I may not write for several months and then I can not stop for several weeks. I have notebooks with 4 or 5 lines only, waiting for me to return.
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