Sometimes long poem

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Sometimes the glass in the dishwasher breaks.
Sometimes the heart though unbroken aches.
Sometimes the wound is not healed by time.
Sometimes punishment does not fit the crime.
Sometimes it’s darker even after the dawn.
Sometimes the queen is beat by a pawn.
Sometimes the rod is what spoils the child.
Sometimes it would help a lot if you smiled.
Sometimes you hope that no one asks why.
Sometimes the truth hurts more than the lie.
Sometimes the lining is as dark as the cloud.
Sometimes the music is better when loud.
Sometimes never is better than late.
Sometimes food should be left on the plate.
Sometimes a parent is not always right.
Sometimes you should stand up and fight.
Sometimes a mountain is higher than love.
Sometimes push just won’t come to shove.
Sometimes vengeance is better served warm.
Sometimes the calm comes after the storm.
Sometimes it all gets better with age.
Sometimes you bow and the world is a stage.
Sometimes it gives much more than it takes.
Sometimes the glass in the dishwasher breaks.

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Phillip Poythress

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I simply enjoy writing. Mostly fantastical things. Someone once told me that my word choices were poetic so, I thought maybe I would try poetry.
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