Doom short poem

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Look at the flying creatures,
They feed freely,
No cash needed nor sweat for gain,
Yet you of little faith,
Worry belittles your faith in your Creator,
It keeps you far from him, like the earth & heaven is,
If you have ears hear, doom isn’t far,
Store your wealth in a store free from weevils,
Lest in time of doom you won’t be spared

Have wandered on earth, money has become a god,
Night falls, the demons capturing many more souls,
Many oblivious of the capture, still believing they are free,
Every time their souls become darker than yesterday,
The temple becomes dirt beyond measure,
Where will the Holy Ghost reside,
They call for Creator’s help but Souls are black as coal,
The distance blocked by evils souls,
I say cleanse your souls for light to penetrate

At cavalry blood still drips,
The son of Man in agony for you,
Recall his passing & his promises,
Fulfillment isn’t far, if you righteous,
His mercy is divine, purity beyond measure,
He is exalted beyond measure,
Impossible is possible,
Faith as little as mustard seed works wonders,
What are you waiting for?

He will come like a thief,
Be ready, your souls make pure,
Keep the greatest of all commandments,
Love thy Lord with all your soul, with all your heart,
With all your mind & with all your strength,
Love thy neighbor as yourself,
Poor are they who doom will find unprepared.

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