Just A Myth Until She Became Reality

Just A Myth Until She Became Reality prose poem

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She’s loved by many but walks alone. It’s not because she has no one to comfort her, or that she isolates herself from those surrounding her, but it’s because she’s all the strength and comfort she needs. While others find solace and tranquility in those surrounding them or the praise they receive because of the image they portray to society, she stands tall because she possesses qualities that our ancestors spent generations bestowing upon us but to most have evaporated over time.

There’s certain words that when we hear or read we think of that one person who exemplifies it with every breath they take. One I can think of is “dignity”. A lot of people will say this word is an adequate noun to place upon their personality but will show you that is far from the truth. Within her dignity is a trait that is lost in many but she has the utmost respect for herself first and foremost, for how can you respect any mankind alike if you can’t respect yourself? She carries the honor of the women we once learned the history of but never gets the recognition they or she deserves.

Another word that should be embedded within her soul is “tenacious”. I think of what she’s gone through in her life, feeling less valued because of her gender, the lies that have filled her heart, the fight she’s had to keep believing in everything right when things couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not so much an armor that shields her, but her will to fight through the pain she suffers internally. The kind of pain that can eat away at the mind and heart when there’s no cure available. The admiration is casted upon the fact that she can carry the weight of another’s emotions with her very own providing the foundation and support.

The third word that leaves me breathless when I speak of her is “divine”. If someone ever used the phrase “heaven on earth”, they are describing her in the purest form. She is sacred in the sense that no one will ever know what perfection feels like but she is reasonably the closest thing someone may find to that. She has the power to uplift others with her angelic wings that can come in the form of something a simple as words spoken from her lips or the aura she can provide to someone even when she’s miles away.

It’s typical that many may call her beautiful, magnificent, or fabulous. While these words can certainly be used to describe her, they make me shake my head. I would believe that one who says such things are either in denial or disbelief because it’s almost unheard of to think you can call her perfect and actually believe for a second in what you’re saying. It’s women like her who leave a legacy for generations to come and are mentioned in the same breath as the mythical goddesses we want to believe in.

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While writing poetry may come as a surprise to most who know me, it’s become that one outlet to express any and every feeling and thought that I have. Amidst the chaos it always provides balance.
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