More Love Is Good

More Love Is Good prose poem

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More love is good

Life has been good to me with lots of love from everyone

I had the most rewarding job in the world fighting for those who
cannot defend themselves alone

I had great friends that truly appreciated my work and told me so in
ways that make you feel like a Stallone

Yet I am but a man all alone trying to get some more love for all
those who are suffering hunger, thirst, and devastation as if all hope
was gone

Sometimes I wish there was more love in this world for others that are
so desperately longing it but have none

I would sacrifice all to see some on these people have the same love,
care and compassion we all have but I feel all alone in a world that
is sometimes not a good one

Why can’t all those people be treated like real people and be able to
enjoy life like anyone?

So be wise my friend and help them now like you can and maybe tomorrow
when you need it they will throw you a bone

That’s the way I learned how to live my life always helping others
that cannot help themselves for they are people and deserve all the
love we have known.

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