A Pair Of Hazel Eyes

A Pair Of Hazel Eyes short poem

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A pair of hazel eyes look at me.
Your ‘bandana’ runs up to forehead,
a scarf covers nose, chin and below,
the pinky complexion of your cheeks
lures me to paint you as a lovely maid.

There is no invitation in your eyes.
The fathomless look has ocean depth,
perhaps you read me with a X Ray beam
keeping yourself beyond my comprehension,
like prima donna of my dreams.

Like a true lover I want to know more of you,
like a fearful citizen I peep to judge your intention
like an art lover I adore you as a fine piece of art.
Who are you and what are you?
Alas! You are million pixels away from me.

28th September, 2017.

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Brought up at the lap of nature, traveled around thousand miles for bread and butter but finally returned to poetry, my boyhood love.
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Mrudula Rani

A perfect picture of your muse.


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