In and out
Chest falling and rising

She speaks of lost life
Melting galaxies swirl through her
Stardust pumps in her blood
Strands of life are woven through
She echoes a lost universe
Unique and radiant
Sparking and alluring
But so very dark

She stands on forest and sea
The sky floating by her head
Life streaking by
Fast, vibrant
The same and unmoving
Pandoras box of horrors and fears
Chest of gold, jewels, light

Love is her lifeline
Echoes unspoken and unknown
The sound of her individual soul
Thoughts carved in paper
The reflection of emotions
Colouring shadeless dust
Unlocking her
Sparking and igniting

She is longing
For the time to come
She is breathing in death
And exhaling life
Wading in her sea of fears
Ever present in her mind
Tightening the noose of life
Calm in the unknown

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Chloe Summers

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I have started pursuing an interest in photography and poetry and recently started to see it as a way to let out my issues
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