He Grew Darker !

He Grew Darker ! short poem

Uploaded by Drusshti Singh

The screams became louder,
and he grew darker.
Money which we call a sign of progress took its way through under table,
The day rape victim was ashamed of herself, humanity went unstable.
But let’s not focus about us because I did nothing,
when as my part I could have done something.
The cruelty among monsters grew and the nights became silent meanwhile the demon grew darker,
the day we accepted all this as a regular part, tears became harder.
Remember 16th December once named as the BLACK DAY cause of that girl who lost her life,
I still remember she said she don’t want to live cause she was aware of the life she will face after that strive.
The day we ignored everything
The day someone else’s problems for us were nothing,
We failed!!
The one who hit that woman behind closed door and called himself a MAN,
failed to be a HUMAN… We allowed demons to grew darker!
We helped him to grew darker!
Until we won’t work as one,
dreams will and so the humanity will burn.. ➖

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