Warning Signs

Warning Signs long poem

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It’s time to wake up world, read between the lines and start paying attention to the Warning Signs.

Why are there so many disasters coming back to back, it seems Mother Earth is on the attack

And it’s a shame she had to use such harsh weather to bring people together. Because there’s a sickness afloat, she wants us to find the antidote so we can stop going for each other’s throats.

People, something’s very much out of line and Mother Earth is giving us very distinct Warning Signs.

This big beautiful planet which we completely take for granted. All we need to succeed is to coexist, instead life itself we insist to twist, looks like we’re being put on the blacklist.

However, the really devastating disasters are man made, what they do to Mother Earth is they rape and they raid cause they’re only thinking about getting paid, while life and limb they altogether condemn, making things look pretty grim.

Creating preposterous pollution which needs an immediate solution, it’s even starting to effect evolution.

Triggering global warming, Is it actually causing the Oceans to form Super Storms? Are we on the brink? Entire species are becoming extinct, we also stand accused even each other we use and abuse. While cultures collide, drug ridden streets, mass suicide.

We have this awful unrest because people think the law is unjust the whole world is about to combust because of mistrust. It’s just a matter of time and we’re getting perfectly clear Warning Signs.

It’s like a terrible disease which is also turning the young people into an endangered species. If it succeed where will the rest of us be? And if you think that’s going too far now hanging over our heads is the threat of Nuclear War.

So from our vian lives we must awake because the whole human race is at stake. Not to mention if Mother Earth continues to storm, shake and quake she’ll give everyone an extreme heartache because every back and bank account she will break, throwing the world into total insanity and complete anarchy.

But the real reason there is so much misfortune, we have let that snake move in and It’s name is SIN. People, we are letting It take the reins because It promises fame, monetary gain but it’s all the same, it’s just game.

An elaborate ploy, what It’s really here to do is kill, steal and destroy. It do not discriminate, All of us It absolutely Hate.

It’s not interested in fame, fortune or gold for It know, there is nothing more precious than your Soul.

This is why It’s throwing everything way out of line, we need presence of mind because we are getting undeniable Warning Signs.

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Milton Robertson

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I once was walking in the dark , I thought I was living the life. Thank goodness for Rehab. They started to set thing right, It was there I found The Lord and and saw the Light. Now these poems I started to see and hear. When they come in sight I write. Thank You LORD. Now all the other, the past is, how they put it. Just water under the bridge. GONE. Never to return. Now I am Just a laid back kind of guy, Who's about to spread his wings and fly away to a brighter day.
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