The Plain Truth

The Plain Truth long poem

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Justice has been slain in the market place
Corruption the order of the day
How can I be happy?
Who is gonna save us

Many for the few
Few for the many
Justice for the rich
Injustice for the poor

Once anthem of West Africa
Where is that name
Where is that pride
Down the hot ” agbatha” stone

Where is our diamond
Does it want to turn to stone?
Where is the anti-corruption
Don’t you know who to catechize

What happen after the Ebola?
Inflation and austerity
Donors from all around the world
Our economy still in averse

August 14 is sad and pathetic
In God’s acre lie the flood compatriots
Anti-corruption please on my knees I go
They are on the move

What will happen to schools?
About to be postponed
What will happen to the children’s chimera?
Your glutinous bellies are widely open

What about the flood and landslide donor
Are we gonna hear another big word
That in searching the funds would’ve been a story
Are there really gonna be low-cost houses

I know for sure it’s a legacy
Intimidating advocates and Protestants
Where is the rule of law?
I know for sure that death awaits me

Mr. President before you go
In whose hands shall we suffer again?
What about the toll road
What will happen to the hajj criminals?

Where is our share of the diamond?
Has it been by demons?
Or is it for the ELITE
Shall we consider it to be history?

True say tok me
Will there be low-cost houses for flood victims
Are they limbos, doing the limbo?
Will they ever taste of the national cake?

Are you leaving us in the hands of the educated fools?
Whose house is always in disarray?
Are they oppositions?
They are waiting patiently in ambush for your departure

Who can save us from this enjoyment?
God where have You been all this while
Have they put You in a drawing room
As they did to the courts

What would my fate be Death or Imprisonment
I am not the first and I wouldn’t be last
What would you have done if I was your son?

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