Noam Chomsky Is Crazy

Noam Chomsky Is Crazy short poem

Photo by Bird Eye

Noam Chomsky must be crazy
What else can he be?
He says America commits war crimes
And he’s said it many times.
How that can be true
I haven’t a clue.
How can anyone doubt
That America is all about
Freedom and justice for all
And knocks down every Berlin Wall?
America fights terrorism wherever it can–
Whether in Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan.
How can Chomsky then insist
That the United States is a terrorist
state–has he gone completely out of his mind?
Or is he completely blind?
He says the news we hear on the radio and TV
Is propaganda and undermines democracy
But we all know that’s simply not true
Because corporations love democracy too.
When I turn on the News I believe whatever I hear
Because I trust my rulers to rid me of all fear
Of our terrible enemies who want to see us destroyed–
So when I read Chomsky I get really annoyed.
Who wouldn’t get annoyed to hear him say
That we invaded Vietnam and Iraq and Cambodia:
Invade? How can that be? The US never invades anyone.
That’s what communist states have done.
Chomsky says the solution to terrorism is easy–
Stop participating in it. Now, isn’t that looney?
Chomsky may be a great linguist and the leading
intellectual in the world, but, if you ask me, he’s crazy.

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