Mystery Within My Seizure: Who Are You?

Mystery within my seizure: Who are you?

Who are you?
Why are you leaving?
Where are you going?

I uttered these words during a seizure.
Imagining you puts my mind under pressure.
Searching for your identity is like a hunt for treasure.
Am I haunted by a demon disguised as a seizure?

Seizure or not, I certainly spoke to you.
I begged you not to leave as if I knew you.
Still I ask: who are you.
Seized and captured by epilepsy, I couldn’t overtake you.

Overtake to see your face.
When I woke up you vanished without a trace.
During your next visit be bold and show your face.
There is a mysterious character within my seizures.

His/her next visit is unpredictable.
Seizures are inevitable.
Epileptic seizures, a disability that’s obscure.
Like Epilepsy: will this mysterious image remain obscure?

A seizure pooled me into a pool of darkness, like a friend I pled against your departure.
Now I am in the light hence I plead for your departure.
Still I ask: who are you.

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