Daily Revelations

Daily Revelations long poem

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Deprived of affection and a sense of belonging
one retires to a sanctuary of isolation.

Arraigned by the acute pain of rejection
the walls become his or her world.

Indicted with selfishness and antisocial behavior
sleep is the best defense and life sentence.

Levied with incessant worries about tomorrow
sense falls to numbness like a baby lulled to sleep.

Yearning for warmth and to be heard
one contemplates talking to inanimate objects.

Reprehended for vocalizing one’s outlook
of the world, silence becomes the decorum.

Encapsulated with grief, mobility
is running errands for survival only.

Vilified for one’s depressive state
smiles are just an anti wrinkle cream.

Engrossed with sadness from one’s state
causes palpitation with the slightest change.

Larking with dark thoughts of an early exit
becomes one’s favorite pass-time.

Adjourned from engaging in sweet nothings
estranges one around so many happy faces.

Truncated moments of free expression
becomes the only method of communication.

Incapacitated with anger and denial
one falters to bitterness and dismay.

Obliterated from the lives of close ones
confines one to being minuscule.

Neap tide for once is just a moment of rebellion
against reality’s gravity pulling one down.

Susceptibility to darkness is a daily revelation
only experienced by ones who face mishaps alone.

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Impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy. Visit https://ello.co/pasitheaanimalibera
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