Mist In The Shadows

Mist In The Shadows long poem

Photo by OctopusHat

More choices is an illusion
that laces the present with hope.

Incessant are our needs
yet like an endless race.

Sullied with unattainable goals-
we take a step back for a better perspective.

Tracing our steps we devise
plans that only falter one by one.

Indifference marks our perception
of other people’s cares for we are swarmed with our own.

Negligence becomes the epitome
of our conscious conduct, what a coping mechanism!

Taunted by others’ success
we dwell on envy and relish gossip.

Haunted by our past mistakes
we crawl away from our memories.

Erroneously focused on what we can get
we let go of what could’ve been.

Smitten with people’s outer appearances
we idolize them overlooking their shallowness.

Hallowed with unearned praise for outer appearances
we wallow in pride, narcissism and selfishness

Adorned with titles, status, and what money can buy
we foolishly put a price on everything and everyone.

Debunked by scorned lovers and hurt loved ones-
we sink into loneliness and regret.

Ostracized by our own perception of what we should be
we starve ourselves of love, compassion, and reality.

Weathered with years and experience
we learn to compromise or let go.

Seamless are our lives and realities
when compared to the mist from shadows we try to shake off.

That mist is conscience following our personas like a shadow!

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