These Tears

These Tears long poem

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You ask about these tears
These tears I cry….
Rolling down my face
With every heave and sigh

For a dying world
Drowning in misery
And hate
……These tears I cry

For the lonely,
The dying and
The socially displaced
……These tears I cry

For bowed shoulders
That suffer the pangs
of loss
……These tears I cry

For haunted eyes that
Plead for help
Despite beautiful smiles
……These tears I cry

For the unborn innocence
Who’s first chuckle
We will never hear
……These tears I cry

For lives shattered
By jealousy and greed
Torn apart by angry bullets
And hungry blades of steel
……these tears I cry.

For my own fears,
Fights and struggles
Which has left gaping wounds to bleed
……These tears I cry

For a now cold world
Where love and
Humanity has died
……these tears I cry

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I'm a mom of four amazing boys.I have a passion for cooking and I'm mad about reading.
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