The Missing Jacket

The Missing Jacket long poem

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Once had a very good close caring friend
I thought the great times would never end

My boyfriend and I visited him regularly everyday
For many movies we watched, and games we’d play

One night my boyfriend left his gray jacket, I went to retrieve it so he wouldn’t worry
I returned to our friend’s to pick it up, have a short visit so I could leave in a hurry

When I arrived my good friend was acting very odd, very strange
I gave him a big hug and I could feel in him, there was a change

This wasn’t like him, and I felt in my mind I should leave
He seemed out of character , and I felt of doom and grief

We visited in his garage, which was also not normal
It was just an unannounced trip, it wasn’t to be formal

I noticed when I stepped in all this red paint he had spilled on the floor and ceiling
My thoughts of dread and darkness, I had stumbled in on was quite a scary feeling

As we were talking, he started slowly pulling down each blind.
I felt like I was a trapped animal, but I kept quiet in my mind

Soon, I heard a noise like a crying cat behind boxes, and I heard something fall
He said it was his cat that was playing nothing to worry about, wasn’t anything at all.

I cleared my voice and then said all of a sudden, well I must go soon
That my boyfriend was waiting for me, and it was almost noon.

He said you’re right, I know how he gets when you’re not on time  
I gave him a hug and hurriedly left, didn’t want to impose on his chime.

I left quickly without the gray jacket, and I really didn’t care
Just wanted to leave, there no more words for me to share

Two days later we read in the paper with fear
Our friend was arrested, that had been so dear

He was arrested for murder and rape
The fear of reading this we could not escape

Fearing we’d soon be contacted by the authorities
We didn’t talk about this to anyone, it was a priority

No one ever contacted us, and we were quite relieved
This is the story that my grand-kids will never believe.

I always wondered if I had disturbed him that day
And if I could have been next, if I decided to stay

Many years later, I will never tell exactly
Just glad that it’s over and I feel quite lucky

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Lyn Long

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I graduated with a degree in Library Science and was a Dean’s list student. I hold a copyright at the Library of Congress and am the author of Memories of My Grandfather. I love to write short stories and poetry and enter writing contests. Also, I love to re-purpose old furniture and like to do book art, genealogy and history preservation.I've donated historical items to the Library of Congress, and other state and local libraries history centers and museums. I have a book at I also have written for (scroll down to search for body and external links and I've written and entered there too.)In the winter of 1978 I attended an excavation of President Abraham Lincoln’s former cabinet member, Caleb Blood Smith with my grandfather John Walker, in Connersville, Indiana. Together my grandfather and I wrote “Weird Mystery” about the Smith excavation that is currently in the I.U. Library Stacks in Bloomington, Indiana.
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