Religion Of A True Neighbour

Religion Of A True Neighbour prose poem

Uploaded by Kishan Negi

That night had heavy rainfall
lightning was shining in the sky
that night, a poor farmer
was cursing his poverty,
as he could not see his children
suffering from hunger
from the neighbouring farmer’s cowshed
he brought a cow
before sunrise, milked the cow, and
gave milk to his hungry children
next morning
the neighbouring farmer noticed
that his cow was tied
in the patio of his neighbouring farmer
at once, he called the village head
village head started the inquiry
the poor farmer said that
cow belonged to him only
but, as he said,
his eyes were tilted downwards.
neighbouring farmer realized that
there was nothing to eat
in the poor farmer’s house,
then he told the village head
that perhaps the cow belonged to poor farmer only
when the villagers asked the reason
for lying to him, he said that
if he spoke the truth
then he could get his cow, but
the poor farmers and their children
would be hungry
the falsehood that is said
for the good of someone is more than true.

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