Eulogy To The Age Of Iron

Eulogy To The Age Of Iron ode

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As a result of abundant endowment,
A state in nature, ensured of security
A stage of impasse had we reached,
Below which a formidable breech,
The means of effectiveness without,
Our primitive tools of war betrayed.

Despite the valour we showed, above
Our military acumen, it certainly was.
To assist and to effect the same end as
The warrior behind a bush or a shield,
We relied on the esoteric for strategy as
Much as on the occult for stratagem.

At every juncture with conflict resorted
To the ablest means the arts could avail
Proved unguent preparation,War Doctor
Siginyamatshe, by walking on hot coals,
Swallowing stones, sat on point of the spear.
Until the moment of impact, by a fatal missile,
Its efficacy held strong, upon the target who,
Thus became a victim of both faith and fate.

Bow and Arrow, the Axe, and a Spear mundane
Had valiantly seen through their Iron Age epic
Held high but less lofty, there remained static.
It is thereat; Farewell To Tribal Arms Of War
By a quantum leap, the humble bearer hopes
In order to match demands of the field of combat,
Acquire and train at hardware of the Age Of Steel

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Pelina Rambakupetwa

Interesting. Need to talk to you about loads of things. Cant find you so will be going to court this friday
eNewport to start proceedings. Its been a long time so shdnt be a hassle.


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