What Really Matters

What Really Matters long poem

Photo by myhsu

What really matters?
Questions with no answers!
Rules with no questions;
Tyranny of the “righteousness”!

What is right or wrong?
Better go ‘left’ & strong?
Yet lost and confused,
Crossroads aplenty, myriad.

Participate or get lost,
Disagree and be an outcast.
‘Different’? Surely a laughing stock,
Compelling self doubt.

Each mind and a virus,
‘You’ and ‘me’ eluding ‘us’!
Millions of memes;
And all alone ‘we’ seem!

Malevolence is overrated;
Goodwill alienated.
For every chink in the armor,
A bastion of defence to garner.

A fortress of solitude;
Or loneliness misconstrued?
The elusive chase;
Perfection is an expensive place!

Oh! Go on yet…
Place your own bet.
Winners or losers,
Find your own answers!

If relevant Today,
A pioneer famous!
A rebel today?
Glory posthumous!

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