Neither On Sky, Nor On The Shore

Neither On Sky, Nor On The Shore short poem

Uploaded by Aditi Sharma

Sailing in thr ocean of thought,
I was left with naught.
Sun in water was sinking,
My eyes sparkled without blinking.
I was in the ocean’s core,
Miles away from the shore.
A wave flowed me away,
With them a battle I fray.
I was lifted by water cold,
Moonlight commenced giving me hold.
I flowed with the flow
Whether fast or a thought slow.
The first star in the sky,
Became the reason of my sigh.
I could have been that ‘silent thing’,
Beauty real and a purpose cling.
But reality says,
That it’s only reflection that is me,
But I want to be in sky,
Not in the silent sea.
Not always a reflected image,
But away from prison and this cage.
Up in the sky I want to soar,
But truth says,
That I’m neither in sky,nor on shore.

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