Hearts Are Stars

Hearts Are Stars ballad

Photo by motjetom

Hearts are stars lost in a tango-
between the moon and the sun.
Stuck between parallel worlds-
they only shine to a smiling moon
only to die for a burning sun.

Love is an eclipse of a sparkling moon
standing between the sun and earth.
For once it makes two worlds seem to intersect-
only to burn eyes with star crossed love.

Hearts are stars lost in a crowd-
of sparkling moons that burn
sense and time through the night.
When the moon shines the heart is done
for it becomes the sun that guns at dawn.

Why do hearts have one moon
but love the burning sun?
Why does the moon-
belong to the night not dawn?
Why does love lead to being alone?

Love is an eclipse that has no night or dawn
It draws moons and suns from what they shun
Hearts are stars held down-
with smiles that button-
our souls so tight leaving us to drown.

I have been to the moon
I have been burned by a blazing sun
but I have never had an eclipse.
Is it because my heart isn’t a star?
Or is it because my stars fear the moon and the sun?

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