Destination Addicts

Destination Addicts short poem

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The road to destination is wide & vague,
Some get ahead, others lag behind,
Other’s mission is to fail those ahead,
Some find excuses to stay behind,
Others are spectators, just watching the race,
Others are oblivious to their status in the race,
Three quarter is destination addicts

I’m unhappy, if I get a better job I will be contended,
My marriage isn’t working, if I marry someone else, I will be happy,
My job isn’t satisfying; I will set up my business,
I’m still single, the marriageable type of guys are unavailable at the moment,
Well, I don’t feel human enough; if I get a child I might be happy,
I’m only twenty six, I will be happier at thirty,
If tomorrow comes, I might be the president and be happy.

These are destination addicts,
The current status doesn’t matter so much,
Tomorrow holds all their happiness in life,
Their current life is miserable, but hope of tomorrow keeps them going,
They put extra effort in finding happiness tomorrow,
They waste time & money for a future so unreliable,
This hope has seen majority forgo their current needs,
Forget how to be happy, how to live a normal life,
Destination is all that matters not the journey.

I would say they forget tomorrow may never come,
Tomorrow may bring a hell of sorrow to their life, who knows…..
Tomorrow belongs to no one,
Books of wisdom state that, no one can add a piece of hair on their head,
No one can wake the sun in the morning if it decides to sleep,
Tomorrow isn’t the solution, but a hope without evidence,
I would say to them hoping to reach a maximum level of contentment, isn’t meaningful
Reach it today, right now, be happy; see life as it is now,
All that you hope achieve it today by smiling every step of the way,
Derive joy every day, you may not see tomorrow, it’s the painful reality,
I would say live today like tomorrow doesn’t exist,
Exhaust all ways in a day to be happy, give joy to others & receive joy,
Our destination belongs to the almighty, not to me & not to you…..
Focus on the journey not the destination.

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